Why I am Losing Weight

Weight loss can be a touchy subject as body positivity becomes more popular. Some will tell you that you shouldn’t lose weight because you are giving into society’s standards of what counts as beautiful. Some will tell you that you should lose weight because it is better for your long-term health. Others will say that … Continue reading Why I am Losing Weight

Gratitude Journal / No. 3

Gratitude journals are so important, but I will admit that lately I have been neglecting mine. I am working so much lately, even after my normal workday ends, and I realized that I really needed to sit down and focus on the things that I am grateful for. I have found myself having a storm … Continue reading Gratitude Journal / No. 3

One Month of Blogging

My Initial Expectations I had promised myself when I started the blog that I was not going to get my expectations up. Spoiler alert: I got my expectations up. After having a very successful first week of blogging, I was on top of the world, feeling like I could do anything. My initial expectations before … Continue reading One Month of Blogging

Comparison and Social Media

Scrolling through Instagram before my seven month social media break was usually a bad experience. The Kardashian-Jenner clan clogged my feed with their Oscar dresses, perfect staged photos, and makeup lines. I jumped into the rabbit hole and started swiping through Kylie’s incredible Met Gala looks and Kim’s shapewear line. First, I thought “If I … Continue reading Comparison and Social Media

Gym Confidence

Going to the gym can be scary for someone who has no experience. As I mentioned in my previous post about my weight-lifting journey, I was not someone who used the gym until recently. In college, I would go to the gym with friends when they needed a gym buddy, but we typically stayed in … Continue reading Gym Confidence

Saying No

“You can be a good person with a kind heart and still say no.” This is a quote I saw today in housewifehustle’s Instagram stories and it was what I needed today. I am the type of person that wants to make everyone happy so I have trouble saying no when someone asks me to … Continue reading Saying No

25 Daily Affirmations

In my post about Neutral Thoughts, I wrote about how neutral thoughts such as “I have a body” are the pathway to positive thoughts such as “my body is beautiful.” While I do believe that looking in the mirror and declaring “I am beautiful” does not work for improving my own self-esteem, I do think … Continue reading 25 Daily Affirmations

Trust Your Gut

I have a habit of second-guessing myself and regretting my choices. I do something as simple as eat a muffin and I think, “Should I have done that? Will it make me gain 10 pounds? What about the sugar content? Have I ruined my whole day?” Logically, I know that none of these worries are … Continue reading Trust Your Gut